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Your Gateway to Dubai Residency and Investment

Dubai, the emirate of creation and splendor, calls not only tourists but also the investors for whom it serves as both an appealing environment for business success as well as a comfortable life with luxury. The Dubai Golden Visa brings to the intellectual and his family a chance to be in their future and as well as secure their long-term residency benefits. The best comprehensive guide would not only answer all your needed-to-know Gold Visa Program which is essential for Dubai buyers and investors.

What’s Dubai Golden Visa exactly?

In the 2019, the Dubai Golden Visa is a permanent residency due to the launching of the program. Accordingly, upon a successful submission, such applicants are granted the rights to stay in Dubai for 10 years, the options to renew when the term expires are granted as well. This visa offers significant advantages over traditional residency permits, including:

• Long-term Residency: Acquire a decade of security and neutrality by having the residency permit fulfilled during 10 years, your right to renew it is given as soon as the set criteria is met.

• Sponsor-Free: Different from normal tenure visas, this kind of VG enables you and your dependents to live in Dubai without a local sponsor (employer) as the prerequisite.

• Multiple Entries and Exits: To enter and exit Dubai freely, make sure to keep your visa valid at all times during the visa validity period.

• Tax Benefits: The Golden Visa program unlike ordinary residents, you are not subject to incomes tax.

Which category of people are eligible for golden visa in Dubai?

The Dubai Golden Visa program caters to a broad range of individuals, including:

• Investors: This marks yet another significant milestone in the rapid and purposeful development of Dubai; Individuals investing a minimum of 2 Million Dirham into Dubai real estate qualify for a Golden Visa. These investments, however, can be in the form of owning a freehold property (full ownership) or an off-plan property.

• Entrepreneurs: Successful business owners who made their company in the UAE with the capital registration that has a sum of AED 150,000 (it is equivalent to USD 41,000) are eligible for the “Golden Visa”.

• Exceptional Talents: Elite professionals or experts in the different areas, like scientists, researchers, doctors, and artists, can use the specific entities of a government which serve as the channel for their application.

• Students: Students of an exceptional level who are studying in particular universities in Dubai will have the pride of receiving a Golden Visa.

Benefits for Emirati citizens who want to purchase real estate and foreign investors in the country:

For those seeking to invest in Dubai’s dynamic real estate market, the Golden Visa offers a multitude of benefits:

• Security and Stability: A validity of your 10-year residency visa allows you and your family to live and work in Dubai legally with the possibility of investment.

• Increased Property Value: Becoming a holder of the Golden Visa can help even more in the growth of the value of your Dubai property, which can start off by being considered as a good investment.

• Rental Income Potential: In case you are on the look-out for property that you would rent out instead you are going to get a stable income flow.

• Family Sponsorship: Providing solidarity Monetize the Golden visa benefits also to your spouse and kids, obtaining them to reside and study in Dubai.

• Business Opportunities: The Golden Visa bears a great degree of opportunity being in Dubai’s booming economy either for business ventures and collaborations.

The Golden Visa Eligibility Route for Property Investors is the Only Cornerstone:

ANW Real Estate, your reliable property partner in Dubai, aids you in every step towards property investors a Golden Visa together. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

1. Property Purchase: In part two of the visa application process, the applicant must select the type of property investment that qualifies for the visas, and purchase a qualifying property of a minimum value of AED 2 million. ANW Real Estate can be seen as an ultimate partner when you are looking for absolutely the best property that shares your investment plans and living needs.

2. Escrow Account: Accept these investment amounts on deposit into an escrow account, which must thereafter be managed by a known decentralized identity entity, until the property transfer is complete.

3. Initial Approval: Perform an “In-Principle Approval” application with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) issued in your favor which will grant you an access to your country’s residency permit due to your property purchase.

4. Medical Fitness Test: To have yourself and your dependents medically examined after registering to qualify to join the space program.

5. Emirates ID and Visa Application: Go to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and apply for an Emirates ID and also a Golden Visa that will require you to present the necessary documents.

6. Security Deposit: Apply for a refundable security deposit to be paid as part of the application costs.

Costs associated with Golden Visa:

While the Golden Visa offers significant benefits, there are additional costs to consider:

• Property Investment: A minimum investment figure of AED 2 million is required for he said.

• Government Fees: Application and processing fees that Golden Visa bore.

• Medical Test Fees: You may incur expenses for the medical expenditures you and your family members undergo.

FAQ’s will allow people to acquaint themselves with ‘Dubai Golden Visa’.

1. May I go to Dubai in case my Golden Visa application is still processing?

Absolutely, you can now get a visit visa while your Golden Visa demand is still being processed.

2. Am I eligible to apply for Golden Visa to reside in Dubai if I have previously process my documents?

No, maintaining the Golden Visa does not require minimum residence time period. But not to neglect it, include Dubai every six months visit into its scope.

3. Golden visa does not allow me to work in Dubai, unless I have a partner’s work visa or invest at least 500,000 AED that gives me the right to start a business.

As a holder of the Golden Visa, you can work not only for an organization but also start your state-of-the-art business in Dubai.

4. What if I will lose the right to have my golden visa?

Yes, of course, impacting its status is possible in some cases, otherwise a crime or permanent disqualification for deferred renewal could happen.

5. How often the Golden Visa application is renewed for?

Renewals may be done annually or triennially, depending on the category by which you’ve obtained the noble status. Having a freedom of consultation with a professional immigration expert is always a great choice.

Through an overview of Dubai Golden Visa programme in this article you can know more about the attractive benefits that comes along with this program, and make informed investment decisions to explore a world of opportunities in the dynamic and vibrant city of Dubai. Partnering with ANW Real Estate, your Dubai property comrade, you would walk through the whole process with a guide from us. Start a conversation with us today to start to shape the golden visa dream and find the right property to invest in Dubai.

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